Young Wolf Limited Edition Print

Denendeh Development Corporation



"In the old days, the Dene people used wolves for their dog teams.  They would take them when they were small, and later breed them with wild dogs.  The wolf cry was used by the people to locate caribou, as the wolf traveled with the herd.  The Dene respect them so much that some of the families are called wolf clan."

"The many animals images inside the wolves have special meaning to our people.  The loon represents the beauty of the land.  The whooping crane brings happiness and joy.  The fish representing an important source of food for both the people and animals, with the dots inside the fish being the bubbling rapids and water.  Other small birds with their eggs represent generations.  The eagle looks out over the land with power, grace and wisdom."

"On the belly, neck and tail of the wolves, there are lines that represent the everlasting fire of my people.  The flowing lines mean energy, body heat and the cold from the North.  In all my paintings, you will find four curved strokes.  These strokes are four ribs, the symbol of the Tlicho.  Each time I do a painting, I am reminded of the history and legends of my people.  I hope to show other generations the beauty and importance of the land, the animals and our culture.”

Archie Beaulieu

Size: h 21.5 / 25