Bill Nasogaluak

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Nasogaluak’s professional art career began with painting, but in recent years, he has focussed on carving. “Now I mostly do carvings. I’ve been trying to get back into painting. It’s such a different way of expressing yourself; whereas carving is so soothing. It’s such physical work, and for me it’s very pleasing. Painting is more frustrating – it’s not as physical (Nasogaluak in Olson 2002).

In 2006-07, Nasogaluak created inuksuit on behalf of the Government of Canada for public spaces in Guatemala City, and Monterrey, Mexico. He co-designed the Territorial Mace of the Northwest Territories, which was unveiled in 2000. In 1994, his Loon Song was given to Prime Minister Jean Chretien by the Government of the Northwest Territories.



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