Northern Spiritual Beauty

Denendeh Development Corporation



“The people of the North call them Nanook, Lord of the North, the Great White Bear and Great Sea Bear. Their strength and cunning ways are legendary.  The flowing lines from the nose and back of the polar bear represents cold, energy and heat.  On the inside there is a northern family.  The drummer is the father who sings stories about the ways of the animals and people of the land.  Like the polar bear, the mother has given birth in mid-winter and has become part of the Nanook clan.  The sleeping child is the dreamer, who in the future will be the caretaker of the land and animals.”

“There is also a family of loons in the painting.  Loons bring beauty and song.  The father loon looks down on the mother and her young.  The four young loons represent the four seasons.  They are also four ribs, the symbol of my (Dogrib) people.  The other birds found in the bears are ptarmigan, geese, an eagle and cranes.  The ptarmigan is a great food source for both animals and people.  The geese, who travel north and south, are messengers of change.  On the eagle’s neck the jagged lines represent everlasting fire that warms the barren land and tree line people.  The whooping cranes symbolize long life and happiness.  The many other animals are part of the bear, as they are sources of food for them and northern people as well.  They are all sacred.”

“The dark background with the white bears in contrast is myself as an artist coming out of a shell or being reborn.  From darkness comes light, new life and happiness.”

Archie Beaulieu


Size: h 30 / 21